Deadly Depression: Understanding Suicide

People say ‘Your life is in your hands’ but there I am, looking at the clock for last half an hour, thinking how our life is accustomed and controlled by just two hands constantly moving at different paces.

It’s 2 am, I feel like any moment this sheer silence could gulp me down. There’s a numbness in the air which restricts me to move, speak or even resist.
Tick, Tick, Tick. This is no more a sound to me, it’s music, it’s a prayer which makes me realise that I am still here, in my bedroom, alive. My web history is filled with pages reading ‘How to differentiate between Depression and Sadness”. I want to shout “I am not feeling good”, I want to break this emptiness. I specifically used ‘I am not feeling Good’ cause really this time even Google couldn’t help, I still don’t know whether I am depressed or sad. I lie on my bed as a dead body staring at the clock.

This is how bad despondency and dejection feels. The feeling of being despondent and dejected is what Depression is and believe me depression doesn’t always hit at 2 in the night while you are alone, it could hit someone in the middle of the day while hanging out with friends.

Close to 800000 people commit suicide every year, around one person every 40 seconds and this is not my report, it’s a factual and statistical report by WHO. Around 40% of today’s population is suffering from depression whether mild or chronic and these numbers are increasing drastically.

It’s common for teens to feel the blues sometimes. Adolescence always presents you with challenges and unsettling experiences but recent times have seen an enormous increase in depression amongst teens. It’s not suicide but chronic depression which is killing them slowly and slowly. Parents always get shocked and never believe the reason their kid gave to end his/her life. Failure in a test, failure in love, a bad decision does this justifies everything? Does anything justify suicide?

So the real question here is, Is Suicide becoming an easy option?

For a person who is feeling suicidal, suicide isn’t the easy way out but it’s the only way out. It isn’t easy to look up and down a knife with a thought that its sharpness could be used to end your life. We relate ‘Pain to Death’ and it’s good as every part of human consciousness will avoid pain at any cost. The thought of Suicide occurs to a person who thinks they have run out of solutions to the problems in their life. They cannot love life and find meaning in it, everything seems deteriorated and there’s no hope; all they want is an end to these suffering and that’s exactly when there is an inception of thoughts provoking to end their life. These strong thoughts are what makes this option easy.

So, according to what we have learnt, this whole process can be divided into three phases. I have named these phases as; Rejection, Hamlet’s Syndrome, Deadly Depression

Rejection: The first phase is where things don’t seem to work out. A person is convinced that nothing is going in their favour and to avoid all the circumstances they oversleep. This stage also includes anxiety and lack of desire. The person prefers to spend most of the time alone, they make alienation from the real world as a part of their life and avoids any contact with friends and family. Spending so much time alone with zero productivity could be harmful as people start to overthink which leads them to the second stage.

Hamlet’s Syndrome: The second phase begins with overthinking. The way people think influences their perception. Sad people with a lot of time can only have negative thoughts in their mind which leads to several insecurities and a particular thought i.e. ‘I am a failure’. This repeated dwelling on a problem over and over again is called ‘Depressive Rumination’. All these thoughts take the person nowhere and they feel stuck, judging and evaluating their mistakes, blaming themselves for all the trouble and questioning their existence. 80% of people at this stage have thoughts about suicide while 30% of them make an attempt.

Deadly Depression: This is the most dangerous phase of depression. Along with the visible detachment from people, the depressed losses control over his behaviour and actions. The person suffering from the third stage can not only cause harm to themselves but others too. Suicidal thoughts are prevalent at this stage and the person feels it as the easiest option to put an end to all the sufferings.

So, this was all about the phases of depression. A basic understanding of how minor depression leads to suicide. With a clear understanding of these phases, a person could avoid falling into a trap, one phase after the other. Now that we have a basic understanding of how depression and its phases work, the final question which needs to be answered is

Can one recover from Deadly Depression phase?

Recovery from the first two stages of depression is comparatively easy. One should get enough sleep, hang out with friends, set a goal, get in a routine and move ahead with a purpose in life. In these stages, all you need is an aim, proper guidance and a clearer thought about life.

The patients in the third stage suffer from chronic depression and cannot overcome it without the help of a psychiatrist, antidepressant, support from friends and family and other medications. The person in this phase has lost the purpose of life and could only think about harming oneself. They need an intensive therapy and someone to look after them all the time. It takes a significant time and proper care to beat depression.

Depression can never be fought alone. Talk to people you know are struggling with depression. Reach out to them, let them know you are there. Make them feel that their presence makes a difference. Find ways to show that you care. Often these little things could save someone’s life.

Need Help?

If you or someone you know is suffering from Depression please get help. Talk to people, talk to your friends, consult a psychiatrist.

If you need help now, call AASRA 24×7 Helpline: 91-22-27546669

If this post anyhow helped you let me know. Share your story of fighting depression with me and become a mighty contributor to this blog. All comments are welcomed. Take good care of yourself and your loved ones and always know that you are loved.