A Man Of Few Words

The stars looked as if they were never so dull before
The horizon seemed so close to the bursting seashore
It could be a picture perfect moment for one who has had a cheerful day
But for me, it felt completely different,
My heart felt too low, and in my room stress could be seen on the ashtray
I have been painting such a place in my mind as a dream place to sit aside and write
But there I was standing on the verge of my dream, and nothing around me looked bright
It was only some days before when I quit my job to follow my passion
But now I felt struggling and my heart was searching for compassion
I tried hard but there was nothing I could write about, nothing which could be a perfect tale
And the dustbin filled with crushed papers next to my study table cleared my mental state
I thought a walk would have done, changing the surroundings had always worked for me
But this time it turned out to be more depressing than ever, it looked like I was locked in a door and have lost the key
The sound of the waves which ones had sounded pleasant now appeared to be shouting and questioning
They forced me to rethink whether my decision was correct or life-threatening
I could have jumped, no one would have known and the sea monster had easily swallowed me
But it wasn’t easy, the fighter in me didn’t allow to bend the knee
I had always thought it would be easy to pen down your thoughts, especially when it’s your zeal
But when it came as a career there was nothing left within me to deal
Was I wrong? Whether what I had thought to be a writer was just a hobby within me
I looked, and these dark questions just matched the ambience around, that’s what a depressed eye see
My mind said ‘There’s no one at home it would be a lot easier to do’
But my heart kept resisting.’ Is that what you fought for? Is this the end you choose?
I really needed the hope of light ironically the day was the new moon
Everything pointed me not to live and I froze even in this sweaty June
But wait there’s a positivity even in this darkness of the moon
It just signifies that there will be a new beginning very soon
I closed my eyes, sat there and thought how could I even think that there’s nothing to create
When there’s so much running in my mind just nothing’s straight
This poem which you are reading is the thing I wrote that day, which is still unheard
And this is the story of how a single positive thought saved a man of few words