Burn your soul down

The ashamed faces are stooped down again. Another daughter of this country has been brutally raped. We are ashamed that this inhuman activity is done by humans living among us. We are ashamed of the fact that there are people advocating the victims.
Just the other day I read, ‘There were a lot of land disputes going among the 4 Muslim families with the Hindus living in the region. The event that latter followed was the result of these disputes’. Seriously? A piece of land explains rape? How much of evil could a man be?
It is awful that we have to do protests and candle marches to force our government to take any action. After the horrendous incident of Delhi, we thought situations would improve nothing could be worse than this, but every new case proves there’s no rock bottom.
The only thing which had hit the rock bottom is our tolerance, tolerance against these victims, tolerance of hearing to not go out of home after 8 pm, tolerance towards the people trying to defend them.
And what do we do, condemn this action? Haven’t we done it for Nirbhaya? I know you are angry. Unleash this anger inside you. Let the burning blood flow through your veins. India is boiling.
Are you?