To the lover whom I never proposed

We met at work. I fell for you the day our eyes met. Your eyes were a-dazzle with wonder over a genial smile. I felt attracted to your derring-do outlook. Whenever there was an office party, I would dress nicely just so to impress you. It bothered me when I saw you talking to other girls. There were times when we went out for a coffee in the break and I struggled with words. Believe me, I have struggled with the same words for years. I still remember the day when I planned that finally, I will express my deepest emotions to you and asked you out. You never showed up that day and I felt broken. I don’t know why but complex emotions of sadness and anger ran through me.
As I reached my home and switched on the lights I found it decorated and you sitting in front of me on your knees. It was like a dream come true. I have been planning something just like this for months, and there you were, doing what I should have done earlier. I missed the opportunity of being on the other side and feeling what you have felt. I regret that though you are my lover but the lover I never proposed.