Wandering through the library door was pretty normal for me
But that day, that day was just one of my best memories anyone could see
I saw you standing with a bunch of books solely in a corner
It was for sure, Your aura made me feel a little warmer
You were good-looking but not the only beautiful girl I have seen in years
Yet my eyes just wandered and tried meeting your’s without any fear
I gazed in that fleeting moment pondering what could I possibly be attracted to
How would I justify the force that made me fall for you
Was this love at first sight or yet again I fell for another girl in an another city
Just when these thoughts rushed through my mind, you swiftly turned and I nodded agreeing you were pretty
As you went past, a page from your pile of books swayed in front of me
Was this the chance I was waiting for, Was your heart a lock and this was its key
Between the increased throbbing of my heart, I passed the paper to you
It was your essence and the smile which left me with no clue
Swallowing on my words I smiled
I thought was this our last meeting, was there anything more I could have done
But I stood there still, living the moment in which I should have run
Then she turned and left the library with a smile
And I, I kept gawking at her, being mad at her style
This was the memory of our first and last meeting and how time flew
I am writing with a hope that you might read this and know that even today ‘I Miss You’