When life ends

A little pain and then just utter darkness
Dark enough to befool someone that they are still sleeping with their eyes closed

It literally looked like another dimension of this world is just exposed
What is this place? Is it a dream? Am I dead? Is this hell?
It looks like earth, just no sun, no green everywhere is the red desert.
There are rivers flowing with blood, I see skinny people, their skin burnt with radiation

It’s nothing just a dream, think about good things, think about the reality
I close my eyes and saw my children playing in the garden
My wife and I smiling, watching them from a distance

I woke up, sweating, breathing heavily, my heart pounding
I look around it’s again the red desert, utter dark sky and no sun.
Now it’s been years watching all this
Still, I wake up every morning with a hope that one day I may escape this and come back to reality.