Dear White People


It’s not like the colour we have is some sort of weapon, that you are scared of us. Stop pretending that you respect blacks and using #blackpeople & #blacklove when black is the colour you only prefer on your dresses. People are following movements all around the globe to #stopracism but if same people are asked, are they willing to date or marry a black girl or a boy? Are you? Even Am I? What’s the difference it’s too a body colour like many? In our English vocab, black is always related to something dark, sad or bad and white with bright, happy and cheerful. Stop comparing this mere vocab with emotions and behaviour of the people. We are out on streets because this whole movement is about the pain. The pain of #Beingblack. I like black in my coffee, I love blackbuck, my favourite superhero is Black Panther and black holes are the only thing in science which astounds me. Now, do you feel annoyed or segregated? I wear this colour around proudly because black is hot af.