Sold Bodies

I have been to a place where bodies are sold, dead bodies with a living soul inside. I have seen night trading her own beauty. I saw them waving in front of my car as I passed that obscure deserted road. Their lifeless attractive bodies shouted for getting laid but what I overheard was the shrill cry of their soul demanding freedom. I saw corpses within these walking humans. I have seen esteem getting auctioned for money. Their faces loaded up with wild makeup to suppress the pain they were going through, the pain of a compassionate mother struggling to survive with her kids, the pain of a daughter sold at an age when she was only her father’s doll. They burn helplessly amidst of necessity and desperation.
I couldn’t sleep that night. Being miles away, their shrill cry still inundated my ears. Next day I crossed the same road, slowed down the pace of my car and tenderly smiled looking at them, I took a moment and just smiled to show that I care. I smiled so that they grasp that within them, a human lives. A human with sentiments, a body with a fortune and a soul with a purpose.